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6 Useful Tips for On-site SEO

On-site SEO refers to all the things that a website owner does to help the site get higher search engine rankings, like internal linking, page titles, meta descriptions & tags, and so on. The site owner can work with a number of tactics aimed at optimizing site pages. These may result in a higher rank for each of the site’s pages. Below is a look at 6 Onsite SEO Tips that can help in increasing webpage rankings on search engines.

Optimize Page Titles

Page titles are among the most vital SEO factors on a website. Each of the site owner’s posts and pages should have its own unique title that is inclusive of the main keywords for that particular page or post. By doing this, when someone searches for that keyword in a search engine, the post or page has a better chance of showing. This is because the site owner has included the keyword.

Include Meta Tags

For every one of the web pages, the site owner can include a set of keywords that takes the form of meta tags. All of these should be his or her content’s relevant keywords that had been previously researched.

Include Meta Descriptions

Many website owners fail to include meta descriptions for their web pages. Such descriptions are a vital place to include relevant keywords for the site’s content. An ideal meta description for a webpage is one that includes the exact keywords as well as those related to it.

Use the Correct URL Structure

Use of search engine-friendly URLs for each web page is advisable as they bring much better crawling. In search engine results, it seems that shorter URLs perform better, although this is not the only factor. Other URLs that perform better are those that include targeted keywords. Where these keywords are located can be a significant influence.

Include Appropriate Keyword Density

Inclusion of relevant keywords throughout a website’s content is quite important since it assists search engines work out what the site’s content is about. All in all, the site owner should try not to overuse or excessively repeat keywords just for search engine robots. Doing this can result in the website getting banned from search engines. This can be avoided by maintaining the keyword density to roughly between 2% and 5%.

Use Body Tags

When the site owner is writing his or her articles, it is advisable to break up the content into smaller paragraphs and sections. Such sections can be given headings whereby H1, H2, H3 etc. tags are used. This will make the article much easier to read. H1 tags are generally used for the main page title, with successive headings being issued H2, H3, H4 and so on. These tags are used by search engines to determine what is important within website content. This shows why headlines rich in keywords are more useful when compared to generic ones.

The above 6 tips are just a few of the numerous ways in which a site owner can improve his or her on-page SEO. Any tip used independently of the others is unlikely to make much difference. When all are used together, they can assist in improving search engine rankings.

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