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Trendy Badge Designs Help Events Become Standout

It’s a great challenge for graphic designers to come up with an interesting piece of plastic or metal identification tag with the usual personal details like name, position and company’s name. The same thing applies with designing name badges for events. The usual finished products are dull and uninspiring ID tags that don’t move wearers into good moods. However, graphic designers took the challenge and have came out with these trendy designing ideas and created ID tags for events and occasions that are real stand-out

Going for big and dynamic picture

For goodness sake, it’s time to ditch the usual mug shots and instead graphic designers use photos that take up most of the card.  They’re able to create unique name badges with photos depicting employees in action. This design idea allows displaying distinct personality of each employee. For events and special occasions, illustrations and photos fill up the badge or use them as background, and allowing viewers to focus on the central theme of the events.

Going for big logo

name badgesThis design idea is name badges designer’s solution to address critical need for branding. Big and colorful logo at the center, top, sides or as background against the text can surely catch attention, and easy recognition even from the distance. A logo-based design is a powerful and appealing piece to view thus encouraging instant branding awareness.

Going vertical

Badge designers don’t remember rules for name tags and badges to be in horizontal layout so going vertical isn’t breaking any rule. Designers are now toying up layouts of texts like names and titles in bold letters vertically to display emotions such as playful and fun for business events. They use the entire card for photos with optical illusions caused by vertical layouts.

Going for die cuts and foil stamps

Badges and label pins designers are now stashing away from rectangular only badges and tags. They’re now creating with animals, logos and person’s picture cut-outs. They’re also creating them on different shapes such as star, circle, diamond, etc. Companies are now using these kinds of badges to distinguish employees from each department while foil stamps are for customized badges for special events such as anniversaries and launches.

Badges used to be a boring piece of card hanged in the neck or stuck on chest however, with the latest and trendy designing ideas; these badges easily became part of any event. Thus, it also helps to stand-out in all corners.


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