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WordPress Development: New Generation Web Design

webdesignWordPress is not just a variant of Tumblr or Blogger or any of the others whose names have entered the lexicon this 21st century. Those are blogging platforms, not to be confused with a content management system (CMS). While WordPress did have such humble beginnings, over the years it has matured into the latter. You can still create a straightforward blog about your musings with WordPress, but there are no boundaries to your creativity when using WordPress development.

Everybody loves to shop, but if you’re an Australian-based business… well… it’s many miles between you and the rest of the world. Opening an online store using WordPress not only brings your products to the fingertips of everyone in the world, but it does so with a remarkable looking website that doesn’t take much know-how to create. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you’ll get an amateur-looking result!

The WordPress software is perfect for web design professionals, it is free to download, install and use, without any hidden “trial” periods or “premium” nonsense. After you’ve registered a domain and secured some web hosting, WordPress becomes your website wizard. You have complete freedom on how you want your store to look. There’s over 2600 themes, and if you hate all of them, the code is open source so you can play around with layouts.

WordPress wouldn’t be one of the top CMS’s if only techies could understand it. You’ve got a business to run, you shouldn’t have to spend hours reading convoluted how-tos and watching utterly perplexing video tutorials. The themes make it so you can drop text and graphics where you want them. Its easy accessibility makes keeping your new site looking great with a built-in updater for themes, plugins and WordPress itself.

A store needs buyers, which in eCommerce means online traffic. WordPress is naturally very SEO friendly, which means your website will show up more often in searches. Once visitors are at your site, you need a way to actually sell to them! Plugins add extra features, and for an online shop, you’ll want the most popular plugin, WooCommerce.

WordPress and WooCommerce are like wine and cheese. They are made to complement each other and work together as a unit. This eCommerce plugin bundles everything you need for an online business, such as:

1. Payment Options – This plugin grants you the ability to accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, bank transfers, and over a hundred different international methods.
2. Shipping – Free, flat-rate, drop or variable, you can ship to anywhere in the world for whatever price.
3. Selling – There’s your physical goods to sell, of course, but with this plugin you also have the option for digital downloads, bookings, memberships and subscriptions.

It’s as if this software was made for this. Millions of people around the world and over 30% of online stores out there can attest: for a professional, easy to use CMS, WordPress is the logical choice.

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